TUR Tip Ergitme

Melting / Holding Furnaces

Technical Specifications :

These fully automatic holding/melting furnaces minimize energy consumption and combustion losses, and are indispensables of aluminum foundries and recycling plants.

With low energy consumption and combustion loss, quality refractory application and minimum wearing; TUR TYPE Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnaces offer unique advantages in foundries and recycling processes for efficient production.

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      Melting / Holding Furnaces

‣   Automatic loading
‣   Tilt or plug type unloading
‣   Low combustion loss 1%
‣   650 kW/ton energy usage
‣   Automatic loading and preheating from the chimney
‣   1 ton to 5 tons holding
‣   0,5 ton/h to 2,5ton/h melting
‣   Proportional combustion control

Fields of Application :

Aluminum Foundries 
Recycling Plants