Ermatic Dozajlı Ocak

Ermatic Dosing Furnace

Technical Specifications :

With its advanced mechanical and ergonomic design, ERMATIC dosing furnace provides the best casting quality in foundries with minimum energy usage.

Having 40% less energy consumption comparing to traditional holding furnaces and being completely environment friendly, ERMATIC dosing furnace is also on the way to be indispensable for foundries by means of its life time up to 10 years and minimum maintenance requirements. It can meet all needs of users with its system compatible with every machine. 

Being compatible with Industry 4.0 with its cutting-edge technology, ERMATIC dosing furnace is indispensable to all advanced and developing foundries.

ERMATIC dosing furnace has been designed with an easy to maintain system with its standard parts and served to our valued customers.


      Ermatic Dosing Furnace

‣  ± 1.5% dosing accuracy
‣  ±2°C adjustable mine temperature accuracy
‣  Automatic heel thickness correction
‣  Cycle time that can improve up to 3 seconds per cycle with quick casting option
‣  40% less energy consumption than ordinary holding furnaces
‣  less than 0.05%'de combustion loss
‣  Up to 30% improvements in the mechanical properties of aluminum by reducing aluminum oxide formation

Fields of Application :

Aluminum Foundries