Otomatik Kalıp Spreyleme Robotu

Automatic Mould Spraying Robot

Technical Specifications :

‣   Synchronous motion feature with injection presses, a gain of 4 seconds per cycle
‣   Memory for 100 moulds
‣   Axis Speeds 1,2m/s
‣   Number of nozzles 14+14 (option 68+68)
‣   Machine range 400-2500 tons


      Automatic Mould Spraying Robot

Offered to you with its new design, EMY-08 PLUS Automatic Mould Spraying Robot allows you to acquire full control over each axis and nozzle group. 

Mould spraying provides an atomizer spraying by means of specially designed spray nozzles, evaporating most of the water used, and thus, rapid cooling with less liquid.

The ability to move synchronously with the injection presses results in a 4 second gain per cycle.

Standard control, SERVOMOTOR speed control, all motions managed by the encoder, memory for 100 moulds, position data, learning with memory key, 10 "color display

Fields of Application :

Aluminum Foundries