• Service / Training



By providing the caring and quality service it offers before sales, ERAPRES has met the satisfaction of its customers in the after-sales services as well. With its professional service team, our company provides 24-hour service regarding the electronic and mechanical failures in aluminum machines. After assembly and installation, necessary training is provided to your machine operators and technical team. It meets the needs of the customer in the fastest way with its strong spare parts stocks.



ERAPRES manufactures various automation machines for foundries and also provides training and consultancy services in this regard. Quality, functionality, performance improvement and efficiency are our main subjects, that's why the training on Casting Technologies and conditioning methods is important for our customers. Our company provides consultancy services to its customers on the utilization of most up-to-date technology in the most proper way.

Training aims to:

- quality production,
- performance improvement,
- efficient production,
- reduction of unplanned stops,
- shortening maintenance times,
- increasing production capacity.

Please Get Information From Our Company For Aluminum Casting Technologies And Conditioning Methods Training.