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By designing product design, development, testing and verification facilities and capabilities,
ERAPRES reveals its strength in R&D activities.     

Our company invests in R&D and innovation with its engineers, technical staff and corporation with universities every year. Our company cares about innovation and accordingly realizes innovation with its customers, suppliers and all stakeholders. Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects of the machines, which we have manufactured since 2012, have been made and completed.

In addition to the R&D projects carried out utilizing its equity, ERAPRES has been deemed worthy to be supported for its all completed projects by TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB. We will continue to create value, work and produce more for our country by moving forward to become a leading R&D Center producing know-how where scientific knowledge is transformed into commercial products.


Description :

Description : This method, developed for eliminating the limited control capabilities of chill casting process and the problems created by runners and feeders with weights close to the weight of the part, is widely used in rim production in our country.
For the needs of the defense industry, which increasingly nationalized for the parts except for rims, the increasing quantities and quality expectations in the chill casting parts, and for the parts for which the international demand grows; Low-Pressure has been of interest in Foundries. In line with these needs, our company initiated the R&D studies in 2017 and came up with the machine it produced in 2019.

Our machine has all the advanced features of today's technology and has been casting quality parts in the last year. Both the technology of the machine and our process knowledge provides the user with ease of implementation. We are sure that we will serve our country to rapidly obtain the position it deserves in this industry together with our valuable business partners.

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We share the pleasure of presenting the Real-time injection technology, which is the endpoint in injection presses, to our country with our valuable customers.
Real-time Injection system :
- It is the group of systems that ensures required levels of speed and pressure in the pre-defined locations.
- Measures the speed and pressure in the specified locations in 1 millisecond (1/1000 seconds) intervals, makes corrections when necessary and maintains the process.
- With servo valves and PID system with special software, it makes the deviation in speed and pressure 10 times more precise than other systems.
- Minimizes the changes in product quality and reduces wastage rates.
- With the feature of braking at the end of the 2nd Phase of the injection cylinder, it eliminates the burring arising from the stretching molds. This way, it eliminates the increase in the product weight due to stretching and provides benefit to the producer.
- With this technology, the kinetic energy coefficient of 1.2 in other machines reduces down to 1.005 levels. And this provides a decrease in opening forces around 150-200 tons in an 1100-ton machine.
With the features of automatic tie-bar removing, automatic mold locking, automatic ejector locking, compressing pin application, heavy mold carrying system, automatic mold locking distance adjustment, separate locking force measurement in each tie-bar; this system became a production tool that ensures control at every stage of the process.
- Thanks to the speed-controlled motor, it provides an energy saving up to 35%.
- Thanks to the advanced equipment in the hydraulic system, the oil temperature difference is ensured to remain
stable in +/- 5 degrees in the winter and summer, and production parameters and speeds are ensured to be preserved under all conditions.
- 50% - 55% energy saving with servomotor pump application


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