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We are pleased to offer the "REAL-TIME" injection, which is the cutting-edge technology in injection presses and our ERA400-ERA2000 series cold chamber die casting machines compatible with Industry 4.0 to our valuable customers.



With its up-to-date technology, modern design and compact structures, Low Pressure Die Casting Presses are the first step for stability, continuity and measurability in your casting processes.



With its up-to-date technology, high-end security measures and CE certificate; our ERA Trimming Press Machines have become indispensable to our many domestic and foreign customers.



• Melting / Holding Furnaces
• Ermatic Dosing Furnace
• Automatic Mold Spraying Robot
• Thermoregulator
• Cooling Tanks
• Impregnation Plant
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Aluminum Die Casting Technologies

For you to be the best in your industry, we produce high-tech cold chamber die casting presses, Low-Pressure die casting presses, trimming presses and auxiliary equipment and also provide training and consultancy services with our expert engineer staff.

Your Engineering Partner

With its experienced and sophisticated staff, Erapres is with you in your automation and casting projects.

R&D and Innovation

Erapres also demonstrates its strength in R&D activities by designing its product design, development, testing and verification facilities and capabilities. Our company invests in R&D and innovation with its engineers, technical staff and corporation with universities every year. Our company cares about innovation and accordingly realizes innovation with its customers, suppliers and all stakeholders. Tübitak (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) projects of the machines, which we have manufactured since 2012, have been made and completed.


By providing the caring and quality service it offers before sales, Erapres has met the satisfaction of its customers in the after-sales services as well. To operate our products efficiently and autonomously, our expert staff provides the necessary training to your technical team after assembly and installation.

With its professional team, our company offers you 7/24 mechanical and electronic support in the fastest way. With the remote access support, service efficiency is increased and setbacks in production are eliminated as well.


This page contains information about die casting.

For more information about casting machinery and pressure casting processes, please contact our company.

The primary objective of pressure casting is rapid manufacturing of high quality products. 

Die casting is a general name used for metal casting processes using metal molding. 

Die casting contains various processes. Such processes consist of 3 processes as die casting, low pressure, and high pressure casting.

The casting process is carried out by pouring or injecting molten metal into molding made of durable materials such as cast iron. Thereafter, the metal is solidified as desired.

Die casting ensures that the casting process has a high production rate.

We feel proud of putting the Die casting, which eliminates the challenges in manufacturing the casting parts with complex shapes, with the cutting-edge technology process, software and hardware to the service of our valuable customers.

Die casting machines are used in injection molding applications.  This page contains information about die casting machines.  

The latest versions of die casting machines use original Parker or Vickers valves. Hydraulic cylinders are subject to thermal treatment and feature the latest sealing components technology.

The primary objective of ERAPRES is to manufacture high-tech die casting machines.

ERAPRES has developed the necessary sustainability, productivity, and application as required during the manufacturing of parts in cold chamber die casting machines.

Producing quality products quickly is essential in die casting. Thanks to this program integrated into our machine, you can make production under today's requirements and perform fault analyzes more regularly.

As the manufacturer of Cold Chamber die casting machines, our Company also offers revision machinery to its customers.

As the manufacturer of die casting machines, the Company has become a leading company in Turkey within a short period of time thanks to its highly qualified and experienced staff.

Offering the latest technology to its customers with the manufacturing of die casting machines meeting Industry 4.0 requirements, ERAPRES continues to carry on its business operations.

In order to manufacture defect-free parts, checking injection group speed and pressure values as well as the control system of the group is crucial for production. For this purpose, ERAPRES has developed the necessary software and hardware to provide its customers with such controls.

Controlling the speed and pressure of an injection group to produce parts without faults, and the relevant control system are important for production. For this purpose, ERAPRES created the software and hardware providing such scope to its customers.

ERAPRES also asserts its power in R&D activities by conceptualizing the means and capabilities of product design, development, testing, and validation.

As a company specialized in die casting machines, ERAPRES continues to carry on its operations with its expert staff.

Injection system;

-  Unlimited backward recording of process parameters
-  Capable of managing 1st phase, 2nd phase and 3rd phase separately
-  Up to 10 m/s injection speed and 510 bar injection pressure
-  Preventing defective manufacturing with process control
-  Real-Time injection system
-  4th phase feature (A first in the world)
-  Shot control with graphical display

You can visit our cold chamber die casting machines page.

This page contains information about Low pressure die casting.  

Low pressure die casting is one of the casting processes used in pressure casting involving various processes. This process ensures the casting process by pouring or injecting molten metal into molding made of durable materials such as cast iron. 

ERAPRES is an organization specialized in Aluminum casting systems with its trained and expert staff and produces various cold chamber metal injection presses, Low-Pressure casting, trim presses and auxiliary equipment for casting facilities.

There after, the metal is solidified as desired.

Low-pressure casting process is used to ensure casting with technological and economic advantages. Low pressure die casting ensures that the casting process has a high production rate. 

Metal molding is used for casting in Low pressure die casting process.

Molten metal is pressurized to ensure faster filling and better control of the molding. During the process, certain special products require a pressure value up to 7 MPa; however, the typical pressure used is under 0.5 MPa. 

The advantages of Low pressure die casting include high quality of casting in heavy-walled sections and the fact that it allows for the selection of more types of alloys compared to high-pressure casting. 

Casting yield is between 90% and 95% as horizontal feeders, feeders/loaders, and inputs are not used.

The use of expendable cores allows this process to cast conforming parts. Most of such parts are manufactured by low-pressure casting process due to their dimensions, complexity, volumes, and product requirements. 

We feel proud of putting the Low pressure die casting, which eliminates the challenges in manufacturing the casting parts with complex shapes, with the cutting-edge technology process, software and hardware to the service of our valuable customers.

Our machine has all the advanced features of today's technology and has been casting quality parts in the last year. Both the technology of the machine and our process knowledge provides the user with ease of implementation.

We are sure that we will serve our country to rapidly obtain the position it deserves in this industry together with our valuable business partners.

Main Features:

- Precise filling control
- Software and hardware which can control and manage all stages of the process
- Easy cleaning and maintenance with tilting furnace
- Quality casting
- Low energy consumption
- A design suitable for large parts
- Hydraulic system with proportional control
- Automatic extractor
- High mechanical strength
- Ergonomic design
- Mold temperature control system